DSP Design and Consultancy Services

ISS has an experienced chip design team with a unique capability for the translation of high level specifications into special purpose VLSI architectures optimised for customer applications. recently designed chips include high performance digital filters, front-end image processors and chips for digital television, ATM applications and set-top boxes.

Design Services

ISS has an acknowledged worldwide competence in the development of high quality VLSI architectures for DSP. We have developed a novel algorithm-to-architecture-to-chip design flow which is used to produce ASIC implementations with performance, power consumption and silicon utilisation close to hand crafted designs. Our novel design flow is also followed to produce optimal solutions for FPGA and PLD based designs, This produces highly optimised designs at a fraction of the development tima and cost normally expected.

ISS assists customers in all stages of the design cycle, from concept to implementation. At the concept stage, our expertise allows us to advise customers on how best to use DSP and how to partition their systems to simplify the design process, reduce product cost and reduce development time.


ISS is recognised as being a source of high technology consultancy and has worked with companies in each of the DSP market sectors which have exhibited substantial growth. These are:

  • Telecommunications
  • Broadcast
  • Aerospace
  • Computing
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical Electronics