Specialists in Advanced DSP ASICs and DSP ASIC Cores. Integrated Silicon Systems is a DSP integrated circuit company specialising in advanced DSP ASICs and DSP ASIC cores. ISS has an acknowledged worldwide competence in VLSI architectures for DSP, novel arithmetic and design automation, providing clients with a unique competitive advantage in all aspects of advanced DSP chip design and implementation.

ISS is establishing synergistic global relationships with major systems and semiconductor companies to bring innovative technical expertise to the market in the form of leading edge products.

ISS main products and services include:

  • DSP Silicon Libraries
  • from component level to complete DSP algorithmic level
    DSP ASIC Compilers
  • design automation tools for custom DSP ASIC cores
  • DSP Application Specific Standard Products
  • including DSP ASIC cores
  • DSP Chip Design and Consultancy Services
  • experienced DSP chip design team

ISS offers its customers a range of DSP ASIC based products and services, including hardware and software models of innovative DSP ASICS and DSP ASIC cores, many of which are based on the company’s Silicon Algorithms (TM) concept. This is a DSP algorithm-to-architecture-to-chip design flow, which mirrors in silicon the methods used in the development of DSP software algorithms.