ISS offers a set of portable DSP silicon libraries, from basic components to complete HDL descriptions of important DSP algorithms. Written in VHDL and Verilog, these libraries exploit ISS’s background in innovative architecture design to produce solutions optimised in terms of performance, area and power consumption. ISS DSiPWare (TM) allows you to design a complete DSP ASIC, or library components can be used as DSP cores in your own silicon systems.

DSiPWare (TM) benefits the DSP design process in the following ways.

  • A dramatically reduced time-to-market establishes the market leader advantage.
  • Lower development costs facilitate competitive product pricing.
  • The optimised nature of the DSP functions produce a competitive technical advantage in the marketplace.

There are five main libraries:

  • DSP Component Library
  • DSP Arithmetic Operator Library
  • DSP Function Library
  • DSP Algorithm Library
  • DSP Support Devices Library